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Imagine a world where you can store the energy that you don’t use and save it for later.

Reduce your ecological footprint

Make a positive impact and keep your electricity bill low.

smart-power wall

Smart-Power Wall

The Smart-Power Wall is our top-of-the-line Energy Storage Solution.

  • 24KWh lithium battery
  • 5KVA Europe-made first quality charger/inverter
  • Automatic controller to charge the battery with low price electricity and use the stored energy when the price of electricity is highest during the day
  • Suppress the high peaks of consumption (peak-shaving)
  • Option to charge with solar energy
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for configuration and monitoring

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Smart-Power Roadmap

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” Rumi.

Ideas for a more sustainable future

Developing of energy projects

Launch Smart-Power company

Business model, Core Values and Objective

Product develop and layout

The birth of our flagship product: Smart-Power Wall

Develop of ecosystem of products

Work in progress.

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