Smart Lithium Battery 48V 16kWh

Smart battery built with second-life lithium-ion cells from electric vehicles.


  • Voltage range 42V to 57.4 V
  • Maximum discharge current 100A (5kW)
  • Cells tested to warrantee their performance and remaining capacity (16kWh is remaining tested capacity).
  • Can be used in both off-grid and on-grid applications.
  • High quality battery management system (BMS) with Bluetooth capability, which allows to monitor and control all batteries relevant parameters.
  • Built inside a top-notch lacquered steel cabinet with IP66 degree of protection.
  • Can be installed mounted on the wall or standing on the floor.
  • Dimensions: 100x80x30cm.
  • Weight: 190 Kg (approx).

Performance and Warranty

Lithium-ion cells used in electric vehicles deliver superior performance in both power and energy density, allowing them to achieve a high weight-to-performance ratio.

The Smart Lithium Battery can be charged and discharged fast; using solar energy, a power generator, electricity from the grid or a combination of all.

Lithium cells perform best above 0 degrees Celsius, however they can work until -20 degrees Celsius following the correct operation procedure.

Smart-Power warranties its batteries for 5 years, nevertheless, they have an expected service life of 15 years (around 3000 to 4000 cycles).

Smart-Power cares about the environment

Battery reuse helps postpone the recycling. Delaying Recycling Through Repurposing second-life batteries, increases their total service life which slows down the rate of resource exploitation, reduces the waste disposal and makes EV technology more sustainable.

Price:        34 392 NOK excl. VAT      /       42 990 NOK incl. VAT

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